About Us

Optimus International L.L.C is one of the most dynamic F&B distribution companies in the United Arab Emirates.

We are the exclusive distributor of Dal Food finished goods in the UAE. Optimus International L.L.C believes in providing top quality food & healthy products in U.A.E. with a mission to support a healthy environment.

Rio natural & exotic juices such as Hibiscus and Baobab have super health benefits. Our Nobo pasta is not just like any other brand.

We use 100% durum wheat for our pasta and is great for a super quick meal which cooks in just 6 mins. We are the exclusive distributor in U.A.E for the renowned natural water brand “Safia” also known as the "GIFT OF NILE" sourced from the Nile aquifer which is +300 meter deep underground. Our range also extends to premium quality multipurpose flour “ Al-Awwal” which is made from top quality wheat sourced from Canada.